The 2018 version of the motocross Honda CRF 450 RX 2018 provides various evolutions to offer exceptional race performances.


One of the main changes is in the Unicam engine that has recently been improved to offer more power, more torque and a higher maximal engine speed. The RX engine is fitted with an ignition mapping special feature adapted to the competition requirements of motocross and endurocross. Moreover, the conception of the Unicam cylinder head has been reviewed to boost power and allow high rev range.


We also notice a better energy efficiency and a total engine weight lowered thanks to a new scavenge pump. The dual muffler system and its position at the center also reduce the weight of the rear part of the motorcycle and allow you to benefit from a better handling of your Honda motorcycle.


You will stay ahead thanks to tyres offering an excellent traction in various conditions but also to the CRF450RX chassis. Indeed, its low centre of gravity and short wheelbase provide you a precise handling. The aluminium twin-spar frame is light and dynamic, improving performances in curves while maintaining a good stability at high speed.


Finally, mobility and comfort have been improved thanks to ergonomic fairing and the aluminium handlebar mounted with rubber, reducing fatigue.


Discover soon the 2018 Honda CRF 450 RX at your Moto Pinard dealership and benefit from an optimal performance on motocross and endurocross races.