In order to go on an adventure peacefully, it is important to insure your recreational vehicle.

Whether you are driving a snowmobile, an ATV, a motocross, or any other “off road” vehicle, you need to subscribe to a mandatory third-party insurance policy!


Indeed, your vehicle registration at the SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) doesn’t cover you in case of damages you might cause to others. No compensation is made for injuries caused in an accident with this type of vehicles, except if another moving vehicle is involved.  


It is so mandatory, since october 2, 1997, to subscribe to a third-party insurance policy for a minimum of 500 000 $ for all damages caused to others by the vehicle. You will have to provide a proof of insurance in the case of control by a policeman, a trail monitoring agent or a provincia agent. In the contrary, you will risk a fine from 250$ to 500$.  


The third-party insurance policy only covers damages caused to a third-party, it is recommended to subscribe to an insurance that covers material damages as well as personal injury. The first one will allow you to be compensated in case of damages to your vehicles when you are responsible of the accident or when the accident doesn’t involve another vehicle. The second one will allow you to be compensated for your own personal injuries.


Did you take all the suitable precautions? Make your choice of recreational vehicle among our large inventory of new and used vehicles and enjoy open spaces right now!